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A Sports Memorabilia Auction Company selling Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Graded Cards, Signed Autographed Vintage Sports, Boxing, Ice Hockey Memorabilia, Non-Sports & Americana Collectibles.

As the fastest growing Auction company in the sports cards, non-sports and memorabilia industry, now is the time to let Huggins and Scott Auctions sell your entire collection.

We have the ability to sell not just the cream of your collection, but anything in your collection that is sellable, broken down to maximize your return.

What we sell is "vintage" cards and memorabilia, which are pre-1970 items.

ALSO: We are the best major catalog auction company for newer modern insert, relic and autographed cards. Virtually every consignor has been pleased with the results for their "Shiny Cards" through our auction.

We are now accepting consignments for our Fall 2023 Auction. Consignment Deadline is mid-September 2023.
CONSIGN TODAY! It gives us more time to properly describe, advertise and promote your items.

You now have the ability to view, download and print our contract for consigning with us:
Front of Huggins and Scott Auction Consignment Contract

Terms of Huggins and Scott Auction Consignment Contract

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The best way to get started is to either call the main office 301-608-0355 or fill out the form to the right. This will send an email to the main office, who will email you back about your collection. We will then have your closest area representative contact you to set up an appointment to review your collection and go over the contract that will be signed. We have a highly trained group of hobbyists, dealers and professionals, ready to help turn your entire collection into CASH!


Call our main office 301-608-0355 or email us Click here to send us an email to discuss your collection. Our address is:
2301 Broadbirch Dr., STE 150
Silver Spring, MD 20904

We can have a local rep contact you and set up a time to review your collection

Main Office:
Bill Huggins

Phila/Lower NJ Rep:
Steve Dickler

Dick DeCourcy

New York Rep:
Ron Vitro

New York City/Upper New Jersey Rep:
Richard Wiercinski

Dallas, TX Rep:
Stephen Phillips

Indiana Rep:
J.D. Heckathorn

SW Fla Rep:
Kevin Endo

Michigan Rep:
Michael Golsteyn

Baltimore, MD Rep:
Jay Strecker

SE Fla Rep:
Kent Feddeman

No. Virginia Rep:
Craig Crampton

Upstate New York Rep:
Steve Buckholtz

Louisville, KY Rep:
Chris Buckler

St. Louis, MO Rep:
Tim Fassler

Montreal, PQ Canada Rep:
Jason Chartrand

Denver, CO Rep:
Mike Nelson

Phoenix, AZ Rep:
Joe Mancino

Los Angeles, CA Rep:
Bob Brill

Minneapolis, MN Rep:
Bob Hallman

Southern Virginia Rep:
Doug Williams

Oklahoma Rep:
Jon Azlin

Long Island, NY Rep:
Johnny Hustle Card Co.

Kansas Rep:
Stuart Goldberg

Central, NC Rep:
Kiya Sabet

Chicago, IL Rep:
Tom Morgan

Atlanta, GA Rep:
Joe Davis (J&J Sportscards)

Pacific NW Rep:
Richard Rosamond

Pittsburgh/Cleveland Rep:
Ray Lukach